The Illuminati Manifesto - Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati Manifesto

By Adam Weishaupt

  • Release Date: 2011-10-26
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


What do the Illuminati stand for? What are their social, political and religious objectives? What are the obstacles that stand in the way of humanity fulfilling its divine potential and creating a Community of Gods?

This book provides an outline of the Illuminati’s manifesto for changing the world. It’s a simple fact that the Enlightenment failed. Only about twenty percent of the contemporary world is rational. The Enlightenment freed a group of intellectuals (scientists and technologists in particular), from the superstitions, beliefs and traditions of the past, and capitalism harnessed their advanced thinking to create immense profits for the ruling elite.

The vast majority of humanity remained stuck in the past. Look at Third World countries and the Islamic nations to see what pre-Enlightenment humanity is like. Religion defines such societies. They are irrational, hostile to knowledge, always on their knees to their “God”. They despise freedom and modernity.

The Illuminati were at the forefront of the first Enlightenment and now they are calling for a second Enlightenment that completes the job and rescues the eighty percent of humanity trapped in the past, dominated by long-dead bearded prophets who control them from the grave. There can be no, free, rational world, no Society of the Divine, until Abrahamism - the religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims - is obliterated. The absurd concept of karma that dominates Eastern religious thinking and philosophy must be similarly consigned to oblivion.

The third element holding back human progress is the existence of super rich privileged elites. These people aren’t just masters of accumulating wealth, they are also experts at controlling your thinking. If there are a small number of the hyper rich and an enormous number of poor, the “natural” outcome is for the poor to use their overwhelming numbers to take the riches of the elite, violently if necessary, and distribute them amongst themselves. Why don’t they? Because the elite subject them to mind control, to conditioning and brainwashing. The elite control the education system, the media, the political discourse, and they use these to shape your thoughts: to determine how and what you think.

Given the hatred of America towards communism, you would imagine that the Americans must be the world’s greatest experts on the works of Karl Marx. After all, it would be ridiculous to hate something of which you are entirely ignorant. Yet it turns out most Americans have never read one word of Marx. They hate communism because their capitalist elite - those who would lose everything in a communist State - have relentlessly indoctrinated them. The American people are like Pavlov’s dogs. They have been conditioned to hold the beliefs most favourable to Wall Street.

The Illuminati stand for education, knowledge, reason, freethinking - for understanding something before you hate it rather than just moving straight to the hating stage via the mind control of the elite.

All of the levers of control of the elite - financially, politically and religiously - are extremely well understood. It’s now time for the ordinary people to learn the secrets of those levers and free themselves from the control of the Power Elite.

The Illuminati’s manifesto is the formula for freedom. Isn’t it time for a liberated, rational world where everyone has an equal chance in life? The Second War of the Enlightenment is coming. It’s time to choose sides. You are called as a soldier to this most noble of undertakings.