The Triune Brain, Hypnosis and the Evolution of Consciousness - Adam Weishaupt

The Triune Brain, Hypnosis and the Evolution of Consciousness

By Adam Weishaupt

  • Release Date: 2011-10-26
  • Genre: Medical


The only person who has produced a cogent understanding of the extraordinary phenomenon of hypnosis is Julian Jaynes, one of the most important figures of the twentieth century, but tragically overlooked.

Jaynes linked hypnosis to the bicameral (two-hemisphered) structure of the brain, and inferred that consciousness arose from a prior "master-slave" mode of functioning that he called the "bicameral mind".

Language is intrinsic to consciousness, and the first arena where language appeared was perhaps not between human beings but between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is more or less the case that the human unconscious is located in the predominantly silent right hemisphere of the brain while consciousness resides in the left brain where language and logic capabilities are located.

According to Jaynes, the hemispheres of the human brain have switched sides in terms of their relative dominance. In the past, the right hemisphere dominated the left and the human mind was bicameral rather than conscious: the unconscious right brain gave orders to the equally unconscious left brain. The right brain used auditory and visual hallucinations - of the type that are now familiar to us as dreams - to communicate with the left (and this mechanism may also be the basis of schizophrenia). Except the left brain did not regard them as dreams but as reality - after all, how would it know any better? It had no non-dream world of consciousness with which to compare and contrast. All of humanity once existed in a permanent dream-state in a dream-world populated by spirits, monsters and gods!

The architecture of consciousness is the opposite of the architecture of bicameralism. The former hasn't replaced the latter. It simply sits on top of it, and in certain circumstances the old architecture can reassert itself. This is what happens during hypnosis.

All of human behavior may be understood in terms of the ongoing conflict between these two architectures. Although most people seem conscious, they are often in a thinly-disguised bicameral mode that reflects the master-slave paradigm.

Consciousness evolved in line with increasingly sophisticated language and logic skills. The corollary is that the smartest people in society - those with the best language and logic skills - are radically more conscious than stupid people. Those people who subscribe to ancient bicameral religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam remain locked in an earlier mode of mental evolution. Too put it bluntly, they are retarded.

The human race will not fulfill its potential until it sweeps aside bicameralism. It's time for humanity to become truly conscious. And then we will realize the profoundest truth of all - that we need no Gods because we ourselves can become God.

This book also explores Paul MacLean's theory of the "triune brain" and David Riesman's famous categories of the other-directed, inner-directed, tradition-directed and autonomous. Discover why Western intervention in Islamic nations is always sure to end in failure.

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded people.

This book is one of a series by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world. The religion of the Illuminati is called Illumination and belongs to the Gnostic tradition of enlightenment. It is opposed to religions of faith.