Black Wings of Cthulhu - S. T. Joshi

Black Wings of Cthulhu

By S. T. Joshi

  • Release Date: 2012-03-20
  • Genre: Horror


From the depths of R'lyeh come twenty-one brand-new, utterly terrifying, and thoroughly entertaining short stories of horror and the macabre! 

Taking their inspiration from works by Lovecraft himself, prominent writers such as Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brian Stableford, Ramsey Campbell, Michael Shea, Darrell Schweitzer, Donald R. Burleson, and David J. Schow delve deep into the psyche, expanding on concepts H.P. Lovecraft created and taking them in new directions. 

The result is stories that are wholly original, some even featuring Lovecraft himself as a character. Black Wings editor S.T. Joshi is the recognized authority on all things Lovecraftian, and is famous for his restorations of Lovecraft's original works. He has assembled a star-studded line-up in a book that is essential for every horror library. 

Pickman's Other Model - Caitlín R. Kiernan 
Desert Dreams - Donald R. Burleson 
Engravings - Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. 
Copping Squid - Michael Shea 
Passing Spirits - Sam Gafford 
The Broadsword - Laird Barron 
Usurped - William Browning Spencer 
Denker's Book - Davd J. Schow 
Inhabitants of Wraithwood - W.H Pugmire 
The Dome - Mollie L. Burleson 
Rotterdam - Nicholas Royle 
Tempting Providence - Jonathan Thomas 
Howling in the Dark - Darrell Schweitzer 
The Truth About Pickman - Brian Stableford 
Tunnells - Philip Haldeman 
The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash - Annotated by Ramsey Campbell 
Violence, Child of Trust - Michael Cisco 
Lesser Demons - Norman Partridge 
An Eldritch Matter - Adam Niswander 
Substitutions - Michael Marshall Smith 
Susie - Jason Van Hollander