The Artist’s Garden in Oils: Eighteen Step by Step Guides: Step by Step Art Projects on Oil Painting: Flowers, Figures and More - Rachel Shirley

The Artist’s Garden in Oils: Eighteen Step by Step Guides: Step by Step Art Projects on Oil Painting: Flowers, Figures and More

By Rachel Shirley

  • Release Date: 2012-03-19
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


A step by step art book that explores the garden as a source of inspiration.

A typical haven yields more than one may first expect, from allotments, deckchairs and swings to pets, hanging baskets and fishponds. The only other essential ingredient is sunlight.

Taken from my art instruction book, Oil paintings from your Garden published by GMC Publications 2002, this book outlines eighteen oil painting demonstrations featuring such subject matter.
This book is divided into four basic themes: shadows, nonorganic, harvest and flora.

A preparatory section near the back of this book gives advice on oil painting materials and preparing the art surface.

All demonstrations have been completed with a mere ten oil colours, six brush types, artboards and a few additional materials which could be found in the home. This section can be previewed within my other art book, Landscape Painting in Oils – 20 Step by Step Guides, as it is located at the front.

Each demonstration is keyed according to difficulty. If the painting does not go to plan, a troubleshooting section at the back of this book can be referred to along with a glossary.

Each project within the demonstration section of this book is clearly set out. You will find:
An image of the finished painting, (which can be used as a visual resource during the demo). An accompanying challenge.

Between 7 and 9 step by step images of how the painting was completed.
A list of the oil painting materials used for the project.
Corresponding instructions to each image-in-progress on how the painting was done.
Tips along the way.
Essential oil painting techniques are explored, including scumbling, glazing, impasto and palette knife application.

The aim of this book is to encourage a new way of viewing the garden. With mobile objects, the shifting light and seasons, compositions in one’s back yard are waiting to be discovered.
My other oil painting demonstration book, Landscape Paintings in Oil – 20 Step by Step Guides provides further step by step guides if the artist wishes to venture further afield.

This book’s statistics: 20,600 words and 20 step by step demonstrations (each demonstration comprises on average 8 images) with 182 images in total throughout the book.