Hafiz, The Voice Of God - Khalid Hameed Shaida

Hafiz, The Voice Of God

By Khalid Hameed Shaida

  • Release Date: 2011-09-27
  • Genre: Poetry


In what might be one of the most definitive English translations of Persian mystic and poet, Hafiz, the English and Urdu translator Khalid Hameed Shaida has produced this stunning and lyrical collection which could prove to be as timeless as it is inspired. This is a powerful, at times playful, collection of the Sufi master's first one hundred lyrical poems, or ghazals, that brings to fruition love, mysticism, and other Sufi themes. With a keen sense of timing and verse, the translator is able to capture the lyrical quality as well as Hafiz's profound message that possesses elements of modern surrealism. This compilation stresses form and verse as it weaves a nearly magical intensity that will have new readers falling in love with an ancient master of poetry and aficionados of Persian mystic period appreciating timeless odes in a creative and inspiring voice.