The Secret Meaning of Wisdom - Alan Miller & Elisa Nichole Miller

The Secret Meaning of Wisdom

By Alan Miller & Elisa Nichole Miller

  • Release Date: 2010-07-27
  • Genre: Spirituality


We all want to know how to get ahead in life; how to manage information that'll make everything we do more rewarding in our personal and professional endeavors. We hunger for and hold dear that information from childhood and post retirement years. Then in our golden years, we sit back and watch and bask in our knowledge that can save a life, alter a wrongful career move, and mend a broken heart to no avail. 

It's mine, we think selfishly. Then we close the book on sharing to benefit the world because simply we're confused about when to convey the elements of five truths and how to explain them to help benefit a life. Many of us never relay rewarding information to our sons and daughters simple because they often tell us that they "don't need to hear it. It's passe," or "That's in the past." Oh, and some would even say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know." Feeling pushed away, we retire quietly and rest on our laurels and not look beyond ourselves, tomorrow, our little community, city, state, nation.

However, we must help our children, grandchildren and future generations add value to their lives because frankly we know that this is all they'll get in this physical state.