Elementary Science Experiments: Analyzing Data to Make Predictions - Irene Taylor

Elementary Science Experiments: Analyzing Data to Make Predictions

By Irene Taylor

  • Release Date: 2012-08-14
  • Genre: Education


The activities in this ebook have been designed to illustrate that effective recording of observations enhances one's ability to predict future outcomes, provide improved estimates of likely outcomes from experiments, and develop a sense of correlation between variables.

This ebook incorporates a set of fun experiments that are conducive to learning different methods of recording information, translating that into graphical illustrations that aid in communication, and utilizing the collective knowledge gained from the experiments in projecting future outcomes. Inherent in the approach will be the use of certain statistics such as mean and median.

These experiments do not draw from any one branch of science. Rather, they are illustrative of the power of effective recording. The processes developed for these fun experiments can easily be adapted into many other experiments and measurements. In such cases, additional emphasis can be placed on the importance of how to observe record, illustrate and use the information that is learned.