Grow Marijuana Weed Indoor or Outdoor - Brad Ramsay

Grow Marijuana Weed Indoor or Outdoor

By Brad Ramsay

  • Release Date: 2012-12-29
  • Genre: Gardening


Grow Marijuana Weed Indoor or Outdoor is a guide based on facts accumulated over the past ten years. The author Brad Ramsay has based this book on both practical experience and historical evidence.
Indoor growing of Marijuana has its own sets of challenges which can make growing of this weed problematic. Many factors affect Marijuana growing specifically heat, light, humidity watering and infestation all need to be fully understood before growing Marijuana indoors
Outdoor or outside growing of Marijuana requires understanding of your climate specifically as it relates to daytime/nighttime temperatures, watering and bugs. Positioning of your Marijuana plant in your yard is also important to balance direct sunlight with shade as well as being discrete.
This book explains how to setup and maintain a healthy a growing environment without spending a fortune from start right through to harvesting of Marijuana.
This book explains it all; Don’t Grow Eat or Smoke Marijuana until you read this book.