Free for the Wedding - Laura Briggs

Free for the Wedding

By Laura Briggs

  • Release Date: 2012-12-17
  • Genre: Contemporary


One year and 25,000 sales later, comes the sweet and lighthearted follow-up to the romantic comedy novella, Late to the Wedding ...

Thirteen years ago, Valarie McCray answered a love letter from the boy of her dreams. The problem? It was meant for someone else.

While Val's only motive was to save a friendship, the note's words have sparked an engagement between her two closest friends and prompted questions in her own heart about whether their wedding is meant to be. Setting off for a planned reunion just days before the wedding, Val is determined correct the mistakes of the past-- and to show everyone from her past how much she's changed.

But a string of obstacles lands Valarie in an impossible situation: sharing the last available rental car with inept but well-meaning salesman Riley Cohen. He detours her for a business meeting, where his quirky and desperate attempts to land a sale result in a zany disaster only Val can fix.

Worse yet, he insists on tagging along to the wedding out of gratitude for her help and his attempts to convince Val's old friends - including the groom-to-be - that she's the perfect woman backfire in comparison to the careful approach Val had in mind for facing her romantic regrets.

With hours before the wedding (and big doubts about happily-ever-after in the wedding couple's mind), Val finds herself admitting the truth to her childhood sweetheart ... and finds herself wondering if her heart is really free for the wedding.