Making Soy Milk and Tofu at Home (Enhanced Edition) - Andrea Nguyen

Making Soy Milk and Tofu at Home (Enhanced Edition)

By Andrea Nguyen

  • Release Date: 2013-02-05
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic


Why make tofu yourself? Because experiencing tofu’s flavors and textures at its peak--freshly made, creamy, and subtly sweet--is the best way to explore this treasured staple. In this handbook, Andrea Nguyen, one of the country’s leading voices on Asian cuisine, shows how easy it is to transform dried soybeans, water, and coagulant into luscious soy milk that can then be used to create a wide variety of tofu at home. With minimal equipment required and Nguyen’s clear, encouraging step-by-step instructions, making soy milk and tofu from scratch is a snap for cooks of all levels. 

This enhanced ebook edition offers an enriched cookbook experience with three videos featuring step-by-step guidance for making soy milk and tofu at home plus coaching from the author on other key techniques.