Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: Digging Deeper into the Craft of Cinematic Storytelling - Michael Welles Schock

Screenwriting Down to the Atoms: Digging Deeper into the Craft of Cinematic Storytelling

By Michael Welles Schock

  • Release Date: 2013-02-12
  • Genre: Performing Arts


There are many books on screenwriting that claim to have all the answers. Unfortunately, in many cases, the more aspiring writers read, the more confused they become as they encounter contradictory statements, incomplete perspectives, and methods that fail to do more than scratch the surface. As a result, many end up worse off than when they started. Screenwriting Down to the Atoms was written to end all the confusion. It picks up where the best leave off and makes up for where the rest fall short by looking closer and digging deeper to uncover the true principles that make cinematic stories great. No confusion. No contradiction. Atoms provides a light in the dark to finally give readers a full, simple, and truly effective understanding of the craft.

Screenwriting Down to the Atoms takes the basics far beyond the basics. It begins by putting the entire field under the microscope to challenge, and often refute, the ideas writers have been taught to assume for decades. It then builds these fundamentals into a simple, systematic approach clear enough for anyone to understand and implement on their own. Readers will discover the elegantly-simple structure that resides behind all other structures through “storytelling’s golden key.” They will learn how to excite and entertain viewers by meeting the responsibilities of the “storyteller-audience relationship.” They will understand how to use the creative control of story information to give narratives the greatest possible dramatic effect. Most writers must toil for years to learn these principles. With Atoms, you can have this knowledge from the very start.

Whether you are working on your fifteenth screenplay or your first, Screenwriting Down to the Atoms gives indispensable knowledge found in no other source to take your craft a giant leap beyond. Atoms is screencraft for the 21st century. The next generation of guides for the next generation of writers.