Soul Catcher - G. P. Ching

Soul Catcher

By G. P. Ching

  • Release Date: 2013-03-15
  • Genre: Paranormal
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 570 Ratings)


Book 4 of The Soulkeepers Series (13+)

Dane Michaels has been to Hell and back and isn't interested in repeating the experience. But as a human caught up in the Soulkeeper's world, his life isn't exactly his own. No one can explain why Dane was allowed through the gates of Eden, but it has changed everything. Now, the only one who can make him feel safe is Ethan, the telekinetic Soulkeeper with a dark past and a heart of gold.

When Malini asks Dane to be part of a mission to find the last Soulkeeper, Cheveyo, more than one team member thinks she's tempting Fate. But Malini suspects Fate has had a hand in Dane's life for some time and that he could be the key to unraveling Lucifer's latest plan of attack.


  • Love the book

    By tyjoeyoyo
    Love the book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Disgusted

    By GMike085
    This was a very good series about the battle between good and evil. I stopped reading though and was disgusted at the fact that to homosexual boys were kissing in Edan, a holy place blessed by God. I feel that it is a total disrespect to God and the teachings of the Bible, I now wish I had not wasted my money on this series. It was a real disappointment.
  • These are the only books I love to read

    By Daddy Irwin
    Love them
  • Soul Catcher

    By Abcpbs
    Enjoyed this series of books; however, I see no reason to have included a gay relationship in the book, which took away from the story. The basis of the story is battle between good and evil ( God and the devil); therefore, the author has to have some knowledge of the bible, which clearly states homosexuality to be wrong. We are taught in the bible to hate sin, but love the sinner. I cannot see, nor do I believe, God would use a gay person to be one of the few select to battle evil without first opening their eyes to the error of their ways.
  • Disappointed

    By randman25
    Homosexuality has no place in teen book. Going to be a struggle reading it. Maybe I can find an explanation of the book and skip this one.
  • Love

    By Jbeadle
    I really enjoyed this trilogy. Just didn't want it to end.
  • No words but amazing !

    By Maynor Rojas
    Great book I love the story and the series . A must read !
  • Amazing book, amazing series!

    By AJFD
    Just finished the entire series and had to go back and make sure this one was rated properly. 5 stars for sure!
  • So so good!!

    By 702mandee
    I love these books. Haven't been able to put them down since I started reading them. If u love everything supernatural, you'll love these!!
  • Amazing

    By SuperRito
    All great.