Obsessed: The Box Set - Cheyenne McCray

Obsessed: The Box Set

By Cheyenne McCray

  • Release Date: 2013-05-26
  • Genre: Erotic Romance


Forbidden: Stolen at birth, Liana has been kept prisoner, untouched, meant only for a powerful man once she was of age. Aric has sworn to protect her from the evil that awaits her, but he can think only of touching her in ways no man ever has. Evil is nearly upon them, bent on taking Liana and killing Aric. Together, they must overcome a terrible destiny that could mean both their futures…and their lives.

Bewitched: A sadistic and ruthless man has kept Ranelle prisoner from childhood and now she must escape a fate worse than death. Jalen has been assigned to protect the beautiful Ranelle from the powerfully evil being. Soon Jalen must rescue Ranelle from an erotic realm in which she vanishes and he must protect her from the rapidly approaching evil…an evil that potentially neither of them can escape.

Tierra savors her freedom after escaping a lifetime of imprisonment and refuses to be bound to any man. The fiery woman captivates Renn as surely as if she had spillbinded him to her. In the midst of a danger so great that he fears for their lives, Renn is determined to possess Tierra’s heart and soul. But first he has to catch her.

Untamed: Anistana will be tamed by no being, especially not the arrogant To’en. The frustrating, overconfident, infuriating man refuses to take no for an answer. When a killer strikes, To’en must save Anistana while proving to her that a love exists between them that will last an eternity.

Raised in New York, the last thing Natalie believes in are fairytales. When she goes through a virtual reality exhibit and ends up in a world with a dragon hunting her, she knows she’s lost her mind. Evvan rescues Natalie and soon realizes there’s more to this odd woman than he first believed. She’s drawn to the brute as they make their way to an erotic world…and to a destiny she never expects.