Bold Texas Embrace - Victoria Thompson

Bold Texas Embrace

By Victoria Thompson

  • Release Date: 1989-12-01
  • Genre: Western


A Lady and the Cowboy Romance (#4)
Art teacher Catherine Eaton discovers a gifted painter on Sam Conners’ ranch…but the stubborn ranch owner refuses to allow the pretty and petite art teacher on his property. Spirited and willful, the blonde schoolmarm just will not to take no for an answer...only to find herself distracted by how ruggedly handsome this headstrong cowboy is...
Sam Conners has a range war to deal with and doesn’t have time for this beautiful art teacher from Philadelphia that everyone’s talking about. That is, until the most sensual woman he’s ever seen marches right into his office. From the moment Catherine opens her lovely full lips to voice her outrageous city demands, Sam can think of nothing other than kissing her quiet. In fact, in the days that follow, Sam can think of nothing other than ensuring that this beautiful woman remains in his bold Texas embrace…for all the days to come…