Broken Dreams - Kelly Elliott

Broken Dreams

By Kelly Elliott

  • Release Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 640 Ratings)


Courtney Will always dreamed of finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after, like in the fairy tales she read as a child. Her dreams were shattered one fateful night when her prince turned out to be her worst nightmare. Burying herself in her job as an editor, Courtney tried to forget her past, and she lost hope of ever finding true love.

Reed Moore’s past filled his world with guilt and anger, and then a mistake in college deepened these feelings. Fearing he will one day repeat his father’s mistakes with the woman he loves, Reed has vowed to never give his heart to anyone.

Reed and Courtney have each spent years building walls to guard their hearts, so when their feelings for one another explode into something unexpected, they argue and throw hurtful words at each other in hopes of avoiding the truth.

Will Reed end up being the Prince Charming Courtney has dreamed of her entire life? Is Courtney the woman who will help Reed move past the guilt and anger, so he can embrace love?

Can their broken dreams become their happily ever after?


  • Lots love and hot sex, great story line.

    By Bingo rena
    There’s so much sweet heartfelt love and passion and lots of sex. Perfect story except they tell one another the same thing over and over which I found redundant. Still, I just can’t wait to read the next one because of the passionate heartfelt love, I hope it will have better variety of words.

    By Reagan she was the only woman
    I read this whole book in less then 48 hours
  • Broken Dreams

    By NolaWin65
    Ugh!!! It has been awhile since I read the first book in this series but I don't remember it being this ridiculous and unrealistic. I read a couple of the books in the Wanted series and had to stop because they were unrealistic and repetitive. Saying I love you so much every few sentences is stupid. I started skipping pages, especially the boring and repetitive, sex scenes. Just like with the Wanted series, I'm doing the same with this book. I would advise to only read a book that is free otherwise you will be disappointed.
  • Ehhhh.... Very mediocre

    By Rkpeters
    I loved loved loved the first book, but I am pretty disappointed in this one. Like a lot of others, I found the writing to be very repetitive. I got to a point where I was skipping through the sex scenes because they were so similar and I felt like I had read the exact same thing a few pages earlier. Also... Some of the dialogue between Courtney and Reed during the sex scenes got to be annoying. Again, very repetitive and pretty unrealistic. Not a horrible book, but nowhere close to as good as Broken.
  • Too much

    By Getfit68
    I bought this book because the first one was so good. However, even though the storyline is great there was just too little of it. Too much sex and too little dialogue for a good portion of the story. It's as though the author didn't have enough story for a complete book. Too much of anything loses its value and I do not think the book was worth the $2.99 I paid.

    By Nance276
    Reeds character is so unrealistic. He is written to be so perfect it is obnoxious. Not possible. Has the author ever met a man? Also, has the author ever given birth? Scene after birth is not even possible. Worst book I read this year. I regret paying for it. First book was 100x better.
  • Love

    By Fevrius
    That book make me believe true love is somewhere out there. 💞💞💞💞❤️💗

    By Angeleyes7868
    I love this book!! I love the storyline for Reed and Courtney!! I love the plot. I would definitely read more books from Kelly Elliot. I can read this book over and over again!!
  • Love it

    By Ole_aunt_alma
    The whole series is good. This book in particular had a twist I did not expect.
  • awesome!!

    By Priss71588
    Great book!!! No complaints