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  • Hard Science Fiction Invasion

    By M. Petrovich
    A science fiction tale based on hard science. At times ponderous and at times page turning. Well written. The story is not unique, but the telling of it is. Highly recommend if the reader wishes a hard science fiction tale with colorful characters and a different spin on an invasion story.
  • Excellent!

    By beans-72
    Of all the genres I read, science fiction is the one I read the least. I’ve had this one in my want to read list for a while. I wish I had read it sooner! Is one of the best books I’ve read. Yes it is complicated…you have to be willing to take the time to understand. If you can do that, then you will find an original, wild, imaginative story that is a joy to read. I highly recommend it!
  • Tedious and unoriginal

    By taylorfausak
    I went into this with high hopes. Unfortunately the characters are paper thin, the story is meandering, and the sci-fi ideas are well worn tropes. There’s some interesting stuff about Chinese history but it’s buried under boring prose. The conclusion is basically a deus ex machina. Maybe things get better later in the trilogy, but I couldn’t stick with it.
  • Great Story

    By FreshNasty
    Overall this was an amazing story. I just had a little bit of a tough time with all the technical jargon. I’m not sure you could tell this story without all of the tech stuff, but maybe it could have been made a little easier to digest somehow? Anyway, overall really good story, and I will definitely be reading the next installment
  • Cool

    By orangeyongle
    I don’t read science fiction much but these concepts were very interesting. I was expecting some huge climactic battle or something but I don’t think it was really needed. The book was great.
  • Great story

    By Joshwatkin504
    The story was so good the fact that I didn’t grasp much of the science was ok.
  • Gripping!

    By Dream Scarlet
    I blazed through this story in two short days when it usually takes me and my ADHD months to do so with other similarly sized books. The pacing in The Three-Body Problem is incredible, and the hard science is approachable. I loved the mystery and buildup throughout the narrative though wish I hadn’t read the premise as it unfortunately spoils a fair amount. Go into this book as blind as possible! Though I’ve always loved the genre, this is the first sci-fi novel I’ve read since I was a kid, reading William Sleator; I appear to be having a bit of a sci-fi phase and The Three-Body Problem is just what I was looking for. I can’t wait to read the sequels; I think I’ll go buy them right now!
  • Do you believe??

    By Kuhox
    If you like science and don’t mind stopping every now and then to do some research this book is for you. The first book in this series leaves us with more questions than answers but that’s where the fun is.
  • Interesting novel

    By Travis*90
    Started off slow but Left me wanting more.
  • I love it!!!

    By erduo-_
    Amazing! what a great writer!