Breakthrough Copywriter  - Dr. Robert C. Worstell & Eugene Schwartz

Breakthrough Copywriter 

By Dr. Robert C. Worstell & Eugene Schwartz

  • Release Date: 2016-02-26
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


Here is a book that was used to make more money than most of us ever dream of accumulatingby men who were not in the business of advertising at all!
How did this happen? Why was a publisher, a financier, a manufacturer of novelties, able to make so very much money with a book that is about putting sentences together? Are the sentences contained in the pages that follow actually that powerful? Are they far more universally adaptable than I had first thought... so they are no longer about advertising products, but literally about opening whole new markets for them? 
This book outwardly talks about the sentences that make up the primary appeal of that product to that market. But its true and deeper message is found when it is interpreted as a market-diviner, and a market-intensifier. In other words, its message will show you how to find your "dream" market, and how to drive it into a national "feeding frenzy." 
(From the Preface.)
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