Little Red Riding Hood - Mark Lesky

Little Red Riding Hood

By Mark Lesky

  • Release Date: 2016-05-16
  • Genre: Kids
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 308 Ratings)


This modern adaption to the Girl in the Red Cap is all you need for daytime with your little one.  With soothing narration and adventure at the touch of your screen, rediscover why the Big Bad Wolf isn’t so bad after all.  
-These classic stories are now available as interactive touch books. Optional narration and easy interactive images allow for plenty of special moments with your child.  Best for car rides and daytime for the little ones!


  • Wow terrible.

    By Kaaaaaateeeeee
    It says short version which is a deceptive way to say only a demo. Some of the sound bytes are really weird and way louder than the narration. Also, full of grammar errors. I can’t believe Apple let this one through and it is on the front page.
  • Dificult to read

    By tutulantaco
    It’s very difficult for the children to read it because it’s the level is so small and the text is very long if you want to do it like four big children is very boring but for a little triggered and saw some but it’s very little the letter so they can read it and they can’t read it oh and is very complete a lot like the images for like the little children don’t want to like have have fun and it’s very nice
  • Little red riding hood

    By nio1215
    I just bought the audio and I can’t open it please help us
  • The little red

    By sorry but I'm not
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  • Good

    By venckzkajshshshhj
  • Little Red Riding Hood

    By mrmeanandjc
    Boo! Not a story at all. Advertisement. Deceiving. Boo boo boo
  • This is not a book, it’s an advertisement

    By BigUmpire
    Incomplete book. Incomplete stories. This is not a book, it’s an advertisement. Very disappointing.
  • Um ok

    By Spicy Sofie
    i downloaded this but i think it un download it self since it keep going to the short version
  • Awful

    By Crypto NWO
    Gives you little reading
  • Meh

    By Riff Rok Nation
    As a 9 year old I think its boring . My little sisters like it. Alot