The Sojourners - J. William Hauck

The Sojourners

By J. William Hauck

  • Release Date: 2014-10-02
  • Genre: Drama


It is 1999, at the end of a bloody civil war in which Christian Serbs have sought to eradicate the Albanian Muslims living in Kosovo. When Captain Jack Richards and his company of U.S. Marines are ordered into Kosovo as peacekeepers, he enlists the help of Albanian translator Jusuf Hasani. Jusuf, who is a convert to Christianity, must reconcile his new Christian beliefs amidst the horrors of the war. Fellow Albanian Sali Noli reluctantly joins the Kosovo Liberation Army to protect his family from the Serbs, leaving Lek, his eleven-year-old son, to help care for his four younger siblingsā€”even as the ruthless Serbian forces close in. Jack Richards must make hard choices as he works to stop the killing. In the process, their lives become intertwined and forever altered. The Sojourners recounts the struggles of four individuals trying to make sense of the world around them as they fight to survive.