Skipping the Wedding - Laura Briggs

Skipping the Wedding

By Laura Briggs

  • Release Date: 2014-09-01
  • Genre: Contemporary


Newly-revised edition includes bonus chapters, more romance, and additional romantic twists!

Hayley Gorden's wedding day was destined to be perfect -- that is, until Dave the groom, her perfect fiance, left for the honeymoon early, without her! When her fiance skips town hours before the wedding, Hayley and her would-be in-laws are left with chaos, and more questions than answers. Two years later, Hayley has slowly picked up the pieces of her life, learned to live with the question 'Why?' for her wedding-that-wasn't, and formed a strong bond with her sympathetic neighbor, handsome surgeon Patric. Now, however, Hayley's former fiance has returned as suddenly as he departed ... and Hayley finds herself sucked into the search for answers, along with Dave's clueless family.

For Hayley, however, facing her fiance is more complicated than she realized. Her former fiance seems like a completely different person from before, with ‘New Dave’ possessing a carefree philosophy of holistic therapy, honest relationships, and self-discovery. Persuaded by his worried family to help Dave "discover" his old self once more, Hayley finds herself overwhelmed by the time she's spending caught up in the past, and her real, present-day worries about hurting her friend Patric in the process.

Is Hayley destined to be sucked back to the long-ago wedding of her dreams – or should her heart choose a new direction with the friend who’s been there all along?