Romeo & Juliet The Graphic Novel - Quick Text - William Shakespeare

Romeo & Juliet The Graphic Novel - Quick Text

By William Shakespeare

  • Release Date: 2014-09-22
  • Genre: Theater


Shakespeare's entire play in quick modern British English.

The dialogue is reduced to as few words as possible while keeping the essence of the story. Coupled with stunning artwork, this iPad edition is a must-have for anyone wanting to understand Shakespeare quickly.

The fair city of Verona is troubled by two feuding families: the Montagues and the Capulets. Their hatred for each other runs deep and they regularly disturb the streets with their fighting; so when Romeo Montague meets and falls instantly in love with Juliet Capulet, it can only lead to a desperately tragic end. 

Shakespeare’s wonderful play is as relevant today as it was when it was written, over 400 years ago.
-The full play with reduced dialogue for a fast-paced read.
-162 pages.
-Full colour graphic novel format.
-British English edition.
-Includes dramatis personae.
-Culturally significant ebook for home, schools and libraries.
-Optimised for iPad devices.