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Sugar Free

By Sonoma Press

  • Release Date: 2014-12-01
  • Genre: Special Diet
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 38 Ratings)


Quit Sugar and Feel Great with Over 175 Tasty Recipes

From the Creators of the New York Times Bestseller Paleo for Everyday, Sugar Free offers a step-by-step plan and over 175 delicious recipes to cut your sugar intake—either temporarily or for good—and feel great about the foods you eat.

Let Sugar Free get you off sugar and on to delicious, healthy meals, with:
Over 175 tasty recipes, such as Mexican Chicken Salad, Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf, and Banana Chocolate Almond Ice CreamA quiz to see which of 3 unique sugar detoxes – the Yellow Plan, the Green Plan, or the Blue Plan – is right for you10 tips for dealing with cravings and sugar withdrawalA success log to help you track your progressTips on safely reintroducing healthy sugars after you detox
With a comprehensive program and over 175 recipes so delicious you’ll never look back, Sugar Free is the best way to quit sugar and start feeling great now.


  • Sugar Free: The Complete Guide to Quit Sugar & Lose Weight Naturally

    By Awloe
    The book explains the natural sugars and refined sugars and why we have come to crave more sugar and why that is bad. There are plenty of recipes included in this book to help the detox process go easier. I highly recommend this book to everyone as we are a tired sluggish nation that needs to wake up.
  • Sugar... the love hate relationship

    By ToeJam0420
    Not only is this book full of healthy recipes that are sugar free, it gives you alternatives to what you should eat when you are craving certain sugary snacks. When I received this book for review I was skeptical at first because I had never been able to calm my cravings... But after reading this ebook and taking the suggestions that it had to the alternative snacks I am totally a believer! A must have for any household.
  • Fun and Informative

    By mewarren5
    Sugar Free was an enjoyable book and flowed nicely. It was informative and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the fact that the author broke down a sugar detox plan by level of difficulty, which increased not only the audience base but made it a more desirable plan for anyone wanting to detox from sugars and improve their diet and health. It was certainly an eye opener.
  • Great way to stop sugar in your diet

    By kathynanarobinson
    As someone who needs to lose weight, I looked into this book to help get my eating habits under control. This book does a great job explaining sugar, how it breaks down and the different kinds. It explains the 3 different plans that you can do to detox. Sugar Free: teaches the plans and it contains all the needed recipes to help you stay on track. After the detox, it teaches you how to slowly add a few healthy sugars back. Great book.
  • A sugar free life for everybody.

    By N_maxi
    This book is amazing. Sugar free recipes Delicious guide to cooking with out sugar. Other ways to incorporate sweet Im your food with out overdoing it on the glucose. Every diabetic needs this guide for a reference and to us in the kitchen to maintain a healthy sugar free lifestyle. Totally recommended !
  • Great Recipes

    By caffinemama
    While I am not ready to give up sugar, I was amazed at all the great recipes in this book. Well worth checking out even if quitting sugar is not for you. Good info and awesome recipes it was very inlightening and "eye opening". Definitely made me think. I received this book free but the opinions are my own.
  • Give up sugars for good!

    By Tadmcpherson
    “Sugar Free” is a book I would recommend to anyone looking to drastically change their life for the better. It covers three different meal plans for a 28 day detox meant to customize to anyone’s commitment level. One of my favorite parts was when this book breaks down what brands are better for this detox and great alternatives for foods that I love but have hidden sugars.
  • Good Bye Sugar

    By NotPerfectTre
    If you want to cut sugar out of your diet then this is the book for you. The 28 day meal plan is well laid out with tasty, easy to follow reciepes that keep you from getting bored with the same things. I've been following it for 17 days, I'm down 7 pounds and I'm not missing the extra sugars as all. This is an excellent book that will do wonders for anyone who wants to cut sugar out of their diets.
  • Sugar Free Help

    By Shines09
    I love this book and the recipes look so delicious. I am going to be doing my first detox and this booked helped me find which would be best for me. This book helped me mostly because I am a sugar addict. I recommend this for anyone who is trying to lose weight or find recipes that are good with no added sugar.
  • Great, but hard!

    By Moi15
    Probably the most addictive thing in the world is sugar. But there is hope. This book does a great job of gently, yet bluntly, explaining why you should cut sugar out of your diet (even for a short time), and how to keep it going as long as possible. Highly recomended.