Melodic Expressions: Chord Soloing - Jon MacLennan

Melodic Expressions: Chord Soloing

By Jon MacLennan

  • Release Date: 2015-02-12
  • Genre: Music


Melodic Expressions: Chord Melody is an interactive guitar instructional iBook, written as a sequel to Melodic Expressions: the Art of the Line. Melodic Expressions: Chord Melody contains 101 chord melody phrases that will teach a guitarist how to navigate specific chord progressions, while implementing melody through them. 
Comprised of 5 chapters major, minor, dominant, ii-V-I in major, and ii-V-i in minor. Each example in the book contains a demonstration video close up on the guitar showing how the example is supposed to sound. Melodic Expressions: Chord Soloing is for all styles of music, and will help to expand a guitarist's chord vocabulary.