To Find My Love - Paige Mallory

To Find My Love

By Paige Mallory

  • Release Date: 2015-02-15
  • Genre: Western


Samantha Denton is working undercover to bring down the infamous Ronnie Deal when her cover is blown, and Deal kills both her and her partner, Eddie Foster.
When Sam wakes up in Pineville in the year 1870, she curses Eddie for getting to God first and telling Him to do this to her! The aggravating Sheriff, Devlin Foster, looks like Eddie, sounds like Eddie, but is far more dangerous than Eddie ever was!

Dev can't help believing the tiny redhead when she tells him she's from another world he knows nothing about, and he's convinced that Samantha was sent to be his. Of course, controlling her impulsive, reckless behavior is going to be a full time job. Whoever heard of a female wearing a badge?

Ronnie Deal has an ancestor living in Pineville, too, and from the moment Sam discovers his presence, she is determined to bring the criminal to justice, for he is every bit as despicable as his great-great-grandson. And just who does Devlin Foster think he is to forbid her to do what she was trained to do?