Short Stories by Virginia Woolf - Virginia Woolf

Short Stories by Virginia Woolf

By Virginia Woolf

  • Release Date: 2015-03-24
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Published: 1917-1944
Short stories by Virginia Woolf include:
«An Unwritten Novel» (Published: 1920), «Lappin and Lappinova» (Published: 1939), «Kew Gardens» (Published: 1919), «Moments of Being. "Slater's Pins Have No Points" (Published: 1928), «Solid Objects» (Published: 1920), «The Duchess and the Zheveller» (Published: 1938), «The Lady in the Looking-Glass» (Published: 1929), «The Legacy» (Published: 1944), «The Mark on the Wall» (Published: 1917), «The New Dress» (Published: 1927), «The Shooting Party» (Published: 1938).