Blackstar: Future Knight - Cheyenne McCray

Blackstar: Future Knight

By Cheyenne McCray

  • Release Date: 2014-10-21
  • Genre: Paranormal


How did life get to be so boring? Kara Marks has a mundane career and a mundane life and wishes for a little excitement—and gets far more than she bargained for.

A dark stranger begins to visit Kara in her dreams. Night after night the man returns and treats her to passion so great she is left wanting and needing every morning. The dreams are so real that she begins to wonder if she’s losing her mind. Soon she learns that not only is the mystery man of her dreams, Adan, flesh-and-blood, but he’s brought very real danger to her doorstep, danger that could mean her life.

Adan Valnez is on a mission to find an important artifact before an evil force obtains it. When he meets Kara, what he locates is trouble in the form of a passionate woman. He is drawn to her nightly, and he can’t seem to hold himself back. He can’t stop thinking of her, can’t stop going to her. Even though he visits her every night, he can’t allow her to remember him when he’s not there.

But when evil finds what it has been looking for—a pendant Kara has had since she was a child—everything changes. Now it’s a race to save the artifact, save a world, save Kara’s life, and to save an eternal love.

Author Note: Blackstar: Future Knight is an erotic romance novel that has been previously published by Ellora’s Cave and also under the title Come to Me under the pseudonym Jaymie Holland.