Digital Photography Complete Course - DK

Digital Photography Complete Course


  • Release Date: 2015-08-18
  • Genre: Photography


Grab your camera and learn everything you need to know to improve your photography in just 20 weeks.

Introducing Digital Photography Compete Course - the perfect beginner’s learning program for any aspiring photographer, this photography book aims to teach you everything you need to know about photography in just 20 weeks, through easy-to-understand tutorials. 

It’s time to start using your camera to its full potential, and this photography book for beginners can help you do just that. Combining tutorials, step-by-step photo shoots, practical assignments, and fun Q&As, this brilliant book on photography can help you untangle photographic jargon such as aperture, exposure, shutter speed, and depth-of-field; teach you top tips and tricks surrounding the range of modes on bridge and system cameras, and help you to master composition for that perfect photo!

Become a photography expert in no time, as you explore:

- Review, practice and experiment sections to put photography knowledge to the test 
- Technical concepts are broken down and explained in simple, accessible language 
- Easy-to-read diagrams and illustrations to highlight key theories
- The latest technological and creative developments in digital photography and image manipulation

DK’s Digital Photography Complete Course is a must-have book for photography lovers of all ages, whether you’re a photography or art student seeking to learn more about the subject, or a photography beginner looking to improve your own digital photography techniques. Doubling up as the perfect photography gift book for beginners, Digital Photography Compete Course will help you use your camera to its full potential so that you don’t just take good pictures – you take great ones!