The Complete Getaway Series: A Boxset - Jay Crownover

The Complete Getaway Series: A Boxset

By Jay Crownover

  • Release Date: 2022-02-13
  • Genre: Western Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 6 Ratings)


Welcome to the wild world of the Warners. 

You can read all five of the sexy, suspenseful stories that make up my Getaway Series in this collection. Each book is an interconnected standalone, so each adventure builds on the one before it. Every story is built around family, friends, forever—and FUNYUNS. There's definitely an important scene involving snacks and plenty more with a hint of action and intrigue.

~In book one: Retreat, we meet Leo, a heartbroken city girl who has begrudgingly let her best friend drag her along on a wilderness retreat. There she meets Cyrus Warner, a man who missed the memo that cowboys are supposed to ride horses, not Harleys. This not quite a cowboy will prove to Leo she's tougher than she thinks and show her that not all heroes ride to the rescue on a white stallion.

~In book two: Shelter, it's Leo's bestie who has to fight for forever. Emrys is dealing with her own demons; she doesn't have time or the emotional availability to dance with the ones haunting Sutton Warner. The sexy single dad might be all kinds of temptation, but he's also a walking timebomb. If it wasn't for his sweet little girl and an outrageous accusation from the local law enforcement agency, Emrys is sure she could walk away from the troubled middle brother. Fortunately for her, fate has other plans for the two dark and damaged souls.

~In book three: Escape, Lane Warner, the baby of the bunch, fights his feelings for a longtime friend of the family. Brynn has a complicated history with the entire Warner family and has always struggled with exactly how she fits into Lane's life. An unexpected road trip and an endangered runaway pull the two closer together, and they realize that no matter what title their relationship has, they will always be stronger together than they are apart.

~In book four: Runaround, an unflappable and unstoppable forest ranger, Ten, meets her match in a much younger ranchhand who has long become indispensable to the Warners and their women. The girl who can find anyone, anywhere, and the forever lost boy never expected to bring out the best in each other, but everyone can see that they do. Webb Bryant is a man constantly on the move. When trouble comes looking for the irresistible cowboy, Ten is the only one who can help him avoid it.

~In the final book: Detour, Wyatt Bryant, a battered and broken DEA agent, heads to the wilds of Wyoming to be closer to his brother. While he's adjusting to being in the middle of nowhere and the incredibly slow pace of life, he butts heads with the small-town sheriff repeatedly. It takes a minute for Wyatt to catch on that Rodie is interested in being more than the one-man welcoming committee. Their attraction is undeniable, but so are the reasons Wyatt is convinced the two of them will never work out. It's a good thing Rodie is the kind of law enforcement officer who always gets his man.

Author's note: There is no new content in this box set. Individually, all these novels already have an ebook, print, and audio format.