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  • Fun tribute, beautiful story

    By Little5er00
    I've read so many how-to/self-help books about Buddhism over the last decade-- it was really refreshing to finally read something rooted in story. I loved the characters-- their traits and struggles were genuine and believable. And the teachings were just as profound through narrative as they are in the more advisory books. Don't skip the epilogue-- fantastic q&a helps keep the teachings fresh and a little less obscure.
  • Great read

    By VeryME
    Simplicity is key to Deepak's writing skills. Loved the breakdown, details and flow all together. Reason why 5 stars are missing is there is a lack of showing Buddha's powers (miracles). When miracles are in hand, Deepak runs quickly around them, as if he wants to strip this so called - holy - side to Buddha. I'm not a Buddhist, not defending Buddha, just wanted to dive more into his mystical side, a bit of wonderment and miracles too.
  • Lovely

    By Ripped45
    Beautifully written and engaging at every point :)
  • One of my favorites books

    By francisco4114
    Budda Saw the wold in a whole different way. I think that is the best part of this book
  • Amazing & subtle

    By Dr.Sonie
    I really enjoyed this work of fiction on the life of Buddha. I think this book is a lovely compilation of the life but more importantly the experiences of Buddha in his life. I liked the components of love, evil, life, what is and what's not. It's thought provoking in a story-telling way and it teaches us some of what Buddha stood for. I recommend this book as a casual read on the life and teaching of buddha as a story rather than a lecture which is entertaining as well as informative. Lovely work. Thank you!
  • Buddha

    By Life learner
    I really enjoyed reading this fictionalized account of the life of Buddha. (But then again I like learning this way as opposed to biographies and textbooks.)