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  • 5 stars

    By avlahannah
    Fantastic. Tragic, epic, love, adventure.
  • So dark at the end

    By Big sgh
    The ending is so awful geez
  • Best Series of Books

    By Kristie E
  • amazing but…

    By beautifuland pretty
    the romance: phenomenal. the story: absolutely amazing…except for the ending. the beach bit with maeve made me want to puke, it was so violent. but it needed to happen, i just wish i didn’t read, cause that part of the story is very dark, especially if you are a younger reader and do not experience reading gorier things.
  • SO GOOD!!!

    By Juliet Ortsev
    it was a little difficult to read this because (if you are a TRUE throne of glass fan) you know you have to tandem-read empire of storms and tower of dawn. it was frustrating because i just wanted to read this one! so much good stuff was happening, but i had to go and read more of tower of dawn. but, of course, i must tandem them 🫡 but anyways, this book was SO good, so much stuff is happening and it’s crazy how much the characters and the plot has changed since book one (which was assassin’s blade for me) but also throne of glass! i love this series 😝
  • Breathtaking Read

    By Brittbrtn
    When everything came together in the end - all those hours of reading finally clicking into place… I was without words.
  • This felt like fluff

    By hannquee
    The endings of this series make up for the long, drawn out pages building up to it. But MAN is it work to get through some of the useless info and fluff to get to the good stuff.
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!

    By Chanchan15
    How, tell me HOW does a series keeps getting better and better!!! I LITERALLY could not put this book down. I’m in love with alllll the characters and that Alien….whew chile…..she is a FORCE to be reckoned with!!! I can’t wait for the next book.
  • Uwu

    By uwupoggers68.5
  • Favorite of all !

    By monroemarie22
    Honestly my favorite so far!! Which is hard to say bc I’ve loved them all.